Friday, 22 May 2015


Here's a post I wrote a couple of years ago for one of my other blogs. I enjoyed writing this little piece of flash-fiction, and decided to post it on this site as well. Hope you like it.

Sharp, that’s what it was. Sharp.

Cut through the flesh like a knife through butter. Never thought it would be so easy to kill someone though. My heart barely missed a beat, as I slid the blade through sinew and veins.  It was a tad messier than I’d expected; blood everywhere.  It’s not like that on TV.

What will she think when she walks in and finds the body of her lover, or ex-lover, should I say, limp and lifeless. Sure, it’ll be a shock. But will she  care? I mean really care?  

Probably not. Cool as a cucumber and as beautiful as sin, that’s what she is. And she knows it. Bitch!

She should never have left me, especially not for...well...a woman! But I found her. It took a while, months of searching, trolling the internet and wandering the streets at night. But I did it.

Nice place she has here, too. Expensive. Not like that little rat-hole we shared together.  She’s done well for herself. Mind you, with her peachy ass and rounded tits, I'd never have expected anything less. 

The last few drops of blood trickle from my wound, and I fall into a deep, calm sleep. 

Oblivion awaits.

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