Monday, 19 October 2015

Get In Early

Autumn is well and truly here. The marigolds that lit up my garden during the summer months are rapidly fading, the air is damp and wood-scented and there is a stillness that only comes this time of year.

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I thoroughly enjoy all the beautiful reds, oranges and browns that abound throughout the season, and there is nothing quite like a stroll through the woods with a carpet of crisp autumn leaves underfoot.

Also at this time of year, I begin looking toward summer magazine publications. Most publishers tend to work months in advance. So that means that during the dark winter months most writers are penning articles which will be published around June, July or August. It’s a bit like living out of sync with the rest of society. In winter we are writing articles for summer publication and in summer we are putting together pieces which we hope will be published around Christmas.

It’s best to work in advance though. Sending an editor an article in June which you are hoping will be published in July will rarely find a home no matter how well written it is.

When it comes to writing, it really is the early bird that catches the worm – or the editor’s eye.  


  1. Autumn is also my favourite season, although I do mourn the demise of the Marigolds...

    1. It's a wonderful season with all those reds, golds and browns on display. Thoroughly enjoyable.