Wednesday, 27 January 2016

TV Off

I saw a news report yesterday, which claimed that children now spend more time online than they do watching television. While I don't find this surprising, it did make me question how much time I spend glued to the box. Far too much was the answer I quickly came up with.

When I was younger, I rarely watched television.  At the beginning of every week, I would glance through the Radio Times to see if there was anything I fancied seeing and if there was I drew a big red circle around the entry. Usually I would find four, maybe five TV shows that I wanted to watch each week. Thus, I spent more time reading and doing the things that I enjoyed. As a result, I was more productive and my creativity level was at an all time high.

 Nowadays, however, it seems like the television is on constantly whether I, or another family member, is watching it or not. It’s like having someone continually droning into my ears, filling my head with a load of nonsense in which I have no particular interest. In addition, I have noticed how easy is it to be drawn into watching some programme I have never heard of before. All it takes is a quick five-minute break with a cup of coffee and before I know it, half of the evening is gone.

So, as a bit of an experiment, I have decided to switch the TV off, unless there is something on one of the family wants to see. I don’t really think anyone will notice that much, but who knows.

I, at least, will be glad of some peace and quiet. 

You can read the full news report on how long children spend online HERE

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